Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Benefits of Using San Diego GIS

It is undeniable that San Diego is one of the leading cities all over the country. It is also one of the most organized cities. However, back then, San Diego was not always what it is like now. There are also a lot of problems being experienced from time to time. This is basically in line with management of different departments of the government. Say for instance there are problems on the street.

One department will respond to it by making the street and in another time, the street will be broken since another department will be there to dig up cables. This would only accumulate more costs for the government and of course, lesser efficiency.

This paved the way for the use of the San Diego GIS to be started. GIS stands for Geographic Information System. This is like a digital map where all information about the streets is placed.

Say for instance there will be people calling for assistance with a broken streetlight. Before the call center employee would actually dispatch a person to fix the problem, the GIS will be checked first. This states the actual location of the streetlight and all other necessary details. When it has been confirmed that there really is a problem, they will then send people to work things out. By then, there will be no miscommunication and problems on people driving their way to the streets just to find out that there is no problem.

The use of GIS in San Diego today has expanded to a large size and even the public has now made use of the system in so many different ways. Indeed, running a huge city might be difficult. However, making use of a system that will make everything fall into place will definitely do wonders. It might not have been taken positively at first, but now it has strongly affected the entire city.

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