Monday, January 30, 2012

The Advantages of Digital Orthophotography

You might have already heard of digital orthophotography. Well, its increasing popularity can be rooted from the growth in demand of the Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. Basically, what digital orthophotography has already done is that, it has provided a precise method in constructing a GIS database. Today, many people are seeking for the complete digital orthophotography services. Yet, it is a better idea if the person who wants to order the said service to have a better understanding of orthophotography. One has to ask: “Is digital orthophotography significant?”

Advantages of Digital Orthophotography

There are a lot of advantages in using an orthophotography. One is, when compared to the conventional line mapping, it is a more cost-effective mapping tool. This technique has already proven itself to inexpensively form an excellent base for GIS. It is also good to note that, the speed of the technique is amazingly high, making the map production quick as well. Also, features on the image are correctly measured, making it the favorite technique of many.

When using the technique, you can have options in storing the image created: either in digital or analog form. This, of course, depends on the preference of the person doing the technique.

Another wonderful feature of digital orthophotography is that, it has no image generalization. This means that, it does not contain a generalization of the cartographer which, in the case of the conventional vector map, is usually not complete. With the digital orthophotography, anyone who views the map can able to depict what is on the image clearly.

When it comes to reliability, the orthophotos have it. In fact, they are already used by a lot of people who want to map areas which are not accessible. Thus, these has made assessing any kind of change in a certain area possible.

Again, the digital orthophotography has proven itself to be vital in many ways. With its existence, it has made mapping more exciting, reliable and useful as well.


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  2. This was a really interesting read, I had no idea that digital orthophotography had so many advantages. However, I can definitely see why it would be good for mapping. If it really can depict the image that clearly then there really wouldn't be any other option.