Tuesday, December 27, 2011

An Overview of 3D GIS

3D geographic information systems are systems that are designed with the purpose of capturing, storing, manipulating, managing, analyzing, and presenting 3 dimensional geographic data. Using this technology, people can manage geographic locations easier by viewing and analyzing geographic properties of the land through software or computer applications utilizing 3D GIS.

3D Geographic Information Systems in Detail

In essence, 3D GIS offers a new approach in producing or utilizing maps that are necessary in managing communities or certain industries. 3D GIS creates maps that are rich in information which can be used to aid in complicated geographic planning and strategical analysis. Using the system, planners can view geographic properties of the land they are working on making their jobs easier.

The 3D Geographic information system is a very popular technology utilized by the scientific community, natural resource management groups, environmental study groups, urban planners, hazard study groups, law enforcement, habitat mapping, as well as the military.

Many may not know this but many governments and agencies nowadays that deal with location and geographic management and studies are shifting their attention to using 3D technologies to aid them in their objectives. There are many limitations to the traditional 2D GIS technology and many problems faced by GIS users could only be solved using 3D GIS systems. As such, most GIS software are updating their systems to adopt 3D technologies because 2D GIS systems are now beginning to be considered obsolete.

Benefits of 3D GIS Mapping

What is great about 3D GIS is the ability to share maps. 3D GIS maps used by different organizations can be shared. This does not only save time, money, and effort which could have been spent developing new maps, it also allows the creation of maps with standardized details and information. This allows 3D GIS users to create and use more and more new maps without having to spend so much.

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