Monday, October 3, 2011

Aerial Photography: Choosing The Proper Company

Aerial Photography
Aerial photography has a lot of different types and functions. Knowing specifically what you need will help you to determine what a company can provide the best services to you.

You will need to know what you require photography of. Some frequently requested services include real estate photography, records of weddings and special events, and surveying data collection. Once you have determined what you need the photographs for, you can start looking into the platform to be used (where the picture will be taken from). Some of the best methods are from kites, balloons, remote controlled helicopters, and manned aircraft.

Real Estate Aerial Photography

The best way to take pictures of real estate is from remote controlled helicopters. They can fly around the property providing different angles and views. If the wind permits, kite and balloon pictures may also be beneficial, but may not produce the desired results. If a lot of properties are being photographed, manned aircraft might be a better choice.

Aerial Photography for Weddings and Special Events

Some people desire aerial photography of a wedding or special event. Kite and balloons can provide very good photographs, but they require that the wind cooperate. They are strongly recommended because they can remain stationary and are silent. Remote controlled helicopters are also used, but they can be distracting.

Aerial Photography for Land Surveying

Aerial Photography for Land Surveying
High altitude is usually required for surveying, so manned aircraft are almost always used. Some companies are now providing GPS stabilized remote controlled helicopters that can reach higher altitudes for more affordable rates.

Once you have chosen a platform to be used, you will need to decide what type of photographs you desire. There are three types of photograph styles: vertical, oblique, and panoramic.


These photographs are straight down shots and are primary used when being able to plot and calculate distances is very important. Photographs are typically considered bad if the angle of the photo exceeds three or more degrees. Real estate and survey companies usually get the best results from vertical photographs because they can use them to plot specific points against maps of an area of interest.


Oblique photographs are taken at an angle and can either be high angle or low angle. The only difference between the two is that high angle includes the horizon and low angle does not. These types of photographs are of particular interest during special events and to real estate companies.


Panoramic shots incorporate multiple photographs that are taken in rapid sequence and are joined together to make one wide image. Survey companies usually benefit the most from these photographs.

Choosing the right types and platforms form aerial photography will help ensure that you select the right company to do the job for you.

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