Monday, October 3, 2011

3D GIS Software: Mapping The Future

3D GIS software has been shown in fancy science fiction movies for the past few years. However, what once was a fragment of our imaginations is already here. Technology has made it possible to utilize it for the advancement of our society. Geographic information systems now give us prized information about areas around us and even the whole world.

What is 3D GIS (Geographic Information Systems)?

GIS Layers
Geographic information system technology has long been used for developing and planning cities, building various infrastructures, strengthening national defense, and many more uses both for public and private companies. Information gotten from these systems offer valuable data to help improve our community and our society today. As early software might display their scans in 2D, 3D nowadays is beginning to be the standard.

Technology has introduced these three-dimensional systems to both public agencies and private companies. Their choice of software typically is influenced by two important things such as budget and usability. Such software may prove to be a bit expensive, but the information is deemed to be very crucial. However, it doesn't stop other agencies to find the best possible deal in sourcing such software to use with their own systems.

Usability has also become quite important. Software which is too complicated can prove to be very confusing especially for those who are not quite trained to use such software. A lot of systems nowadays tend to simplify their software so more people can easily learn to use it and thereby apply it to their own advantage. Simple, yet effective software should be kept in mind.

How can 3D GIS software help us to change the world?

Answers typically given include the valuable information that they can give which is near-perfect just like what you see in real life. Scans of the insides of infrastructures, the whole plan of the city and how you can plan a certain area by taking into consideration the earth's crust is definitely important data.

As an example of its importance, urban planning can never be the same once you've got a 3D model of the city. You get to actually see what is inside, what is in a particular place, what lacks in a particular area and many more. Engineers, city planners, architects and other people can then suggest the best possible solutions to existing problems.

All in all, 3D GIS software can be the start of a great change for us to see our world in a whole different way.

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